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Welcome To Kelso High Campus

Our work with the students is the most important part of what we do. Every day everyone at Kelso High Campus works together to make sure that our students can achieve their personal best in a supportive environment.

Our students benefit from the fact that we are part of a large education system that sets the standard for school education across New South Wales.

This means that we can offer high quality, innovative education programs, unique learning resources and cutting edge technology, that meet the children’s needs and ensure high standards and outstanding results right through from year 7 to year 12.

Each day the students at Kelso High are learning, participating, and growing in the safe and nurturing environment that we provide.

It’s this environment that helps young people embrace the important values we all live by.

Our teachers are fully qualified, highly skilled and dedicated. They provide the quality, well-rounded education and enhanced career paths our students need for lasting success.

Young people leave Kelso High well equipped to take on life as an adult member of society, whether at university, in other further study or in the work place.

Our partnership with parents and their children’s education is really important to us. We encourage community interest and participation because we know that together, we can make a great difference.

Kelso High Campus is truly part of the community. Here, parents and children can establish an important network of friends and support that can last a life time. We know our community well and that means we can meet local needs and remain accountable.