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Learning Support Team

The Learning Support Team is a whole school planning and support mechanism. It is formed with the purpose of addressing the learning support needs of students through the co-ordination, development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of educational programs.

A prime function of a Learning Support Team is to ensure that the needs of all students in the school are being met and to facilitate the collaborative planning between teachers, support staff, parents and students.

At KHC the LST meets regularly to discuss students who need additional support which may include referral to outside agencies, counselling, outreach/ itinerant support teachers, coordination of school based personnel.

Support Staff:

Deputy Principal Welfare – is a key player in the Learning Support Team.

Deputy Principal Curriculum – oversees curriculum and elective choices.

Learning Support Team Co-ordinator – is responsible for overseeing all LST meetings by ensuring that agendas are completed, minutes are recorded and distributed to the various team members and is responsible for maintaining all LST documents.

Learning Assistance Support Teacher (LaST) – The LaST provides support for students experiencing difficulties in learning both within the class and on a withdrawal basis.

School Counsellor – Kelso High has the service of a school counsellor, whose responsibilities include individual and group counseling with students, parents and staff. Students are able to make an appointment.

Girl’s Supervisor – Deals specifically with issues relating to female students

Integration Co-ordinator – is responsible for co-ordinating all Funding Support within the school. She works closely with the LSLO‘s (Teachers‘ Aides) and students with disabilities.

Aboriginal Education Officer – works collaboratively with Aboriginal students, parents and the community focusing on welfare, academic and cultural programs.

Year Advisors – Each year group has a Student Advisor who is responsible for the academic and social welfare of students in the particular year. Generally, they follow students through to Year 12 and can be contacted by parents on any issue. An appointment can be made by contacting the office. In most cases they should be the first point of contact for parents who wish to discuss any issues.

Careers Advisor – The Careers Advisor works with students and assists them with careers advice. He also coordinates work experience programs, university admission applications and senior student TAFE courses which they do as part of their school studies.

SLSOs (Student Learning Support Officers) – The school has a number of Learning Support Officers who work with students in their classes providing assistance and support.