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Textiles Technology

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Stage 5 – Textiles Technology

Aims of the Course:

To develop in students, proficiency in the design, production and evaluation of textile items through the manufacture of practical projects and study of the Properties and Performance of Textiles, Design and the Role of Textiles in Society.

Content of the Course:  Project work forms the basis of the course.

This includes the manufacture of practical items and the production of supporting documentation. Students will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to design and make a variety of quality and creative textile items such as clothing, furnishings, costume and textile arts over the two-year course. Study of Design includes the practice of textile designers, design elements and creative processes, factors affecting design and methods of applying colour and decoration to textiles. The Properties and Performance area of study focuses on the properties of textile items, fibres, yarns and fabrics and the ways in which they perform. The Textiles and Society area of the course examines textiles and design from a historical, cultural and contemporary perspective.

Subject Material Contribution:

$15 per year

Special Requirements:

Students must provide the majority of materials (eg fabrics, thread, pattern) required for project work and will be notified of these requirements.

Scope and Sequences

Stage 5 Textiles Technology Scope & Sequence

Head Teacher:          K Baker