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Industrial Technology Electronics

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Stage 5 – Industrial Technology – Electronics

Aims of the Course:

To introduce students to the world of electronics so that they may better understand modern technology and participate in its future evolution.

Content of the Course:

Students will be introduced to: basic electric/electronic theory, simple circuits, electronic components and their uses, simple circuit construction including veroboard and printed circuit construction, use of multimeters, testing of simple circuits and the use of semi-conductors (simple theory).

Students in Year 9 will construct simple projects both from kits and from basic circuits.  Projects could include simple vero projects e.g. continuity testers, doorbells, flashing lights, skill games, car battery testers and others. In Year 10 students will construct more difficult standard projects and one of their own choice.

This course is interesting and challenging as well as fun but it requires attention to detail and discipline. For those who do well, it could lead to a career in any of the many electronics occupations.

Subject Material Contribution:

$40 to cover the cost of materials used and consumed by each student.   In Year 10, students will have to purchase the components needed for their major project in Semester II.

Special Requirements:

Students must accept the need for safe and disciplined behaviour and be prepared to accept all workshop safety rules. The provision and wearing of Personal Protective Equipment is compulsory.

Note that students can only study a maximum of two Industrial Technology courses.

Head Teacher:           S Fitzpatrick