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Science at Kelso High provides students with the opportunity to achieve to their full potential through the doing of Science. This involves students actively engaging in the processes of working scientifically. By doing this they gain an increased appreciation and understanding of the importance of Science in their own lives and society, locally and globally.

The students are able to develop their understanding of Science in three areas – Science Understanding, Science as a Human Endeavour and through Science Inquiry Skills


Excursions have become an important mandatory experience in many of the science courses. We provide a number of excursions to a range of different places. These include a local field study to Munghorn Gap, visits to the Dubbo Zoo as well as trips to Sydney to Luna Park and University workshops. These enable the students the opportunity to experience a range of activities that take them out of the classroom and gives them a realistic view of the concepts being taught.

We also encourage guest speakers and presenters to attend Kelso High so students are able to interact with people from different workplaces and those who have expertise in specific scientific areas.

Science Faculty

The Science Faculty at Kelso High embraces technology. Our Science faculty has access to 30 laptops available for student use to ensure they are 21st Century Learners. All classrooms have projectors to allow for viewing and use of the latest scientific media and on-line resources. Our Laboratories are modern and well fitted out with up to date technology and resources necessary for our students to embrace the inquiry based science we provide here at Kelso High. The teachers are all highly motivated and dedicated to provide students with the most up to date and best possible experience in science education.

As students will be expected to participate in a range of learning activities including in a Laboratory, they will have specific shoe requirements. Students are required as part of Work Health and Safety to wear covered in shoes that will protect their feet. This may include black leather school shoes or joggers made out of leather (not canvas).

Senior Science

Science subjects students may choose include Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Senior Science. Kelso High is well resourced to deliver each of these subjects with past students achieving high standards in the Higher School Certificate. Staff are highly trained and experienced in delivering these courses.