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Years 11 and 12 (Stage 6)

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Years 11 and 12 Japanese

By year 11 students of Japanese are truly engrossed in their language studies. At Denison College of Secondary Education, Japanese runs at each campus every second year. This year (2014) Year 11 is running at Kelso Campus and Year 12 was running at Bathurst Campus. Next year (2015) Year 12 will run at Kelso Campus and Year 11 will run at Bathurst Campus.

At Kelso Campus in years 11 and 12 we use the Mirai 5 and 6 coursebook and activity book.

Being our most senior classes, in addition to coursework year 11 and 12 students have the chance to do a little Japanese art, craft, food preparation and other cultural activities such as related to festivals and they occur during the year. Senior students are also encouraged to participate fully in Japanese visits and excursions. It is expected that students at this level have at least one Japanese penpal, and they write to them regularly. Students should keep in touch with Japanese friends by writing letters or using Facebook or Skype. A number of graduate students have contacted the school over the years with the news that they had finally visited Japan – for study, work or play – and had caught up with the Japanese friends they met through Kelso High!

In year 11 and 12 students know hiragana and katakana, and add to their kanji vocabulary. The senior course focusses on using more advanced grammar and vocabulary. The goal by the completion of this course is for student to be able to read, write, understand and communicate at an intermediate level.

Assessment consists of a number of in and out of class tasks as well as a half yearly and a yearly examination. Students are also expected to write a number of journal entries in their Japanese journal during each school holiday. From 2014 students of this course will also begin to make a Japanese text type portfolio. Details of assessment may be found in the student assessment booklet here:

KHC HSC Assessment 2014-2015

Scope and Sequences

Preliminary Japanese Scope and Sequence

HSC Japanese Scope and Sequence

The Year 11 and 12 Continuers Japanese syllabus is located here: