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English is the only compulsory subject for students from year 7 through to year 12.

Kelso High Campus offers an innovative curriculum designed to engage and excite all students. We place an emphasis on preparing students for their senior years and offer a variety of learning opportunities unique to the school.

The English syllabus is divided into four stages:

Stage 4 – Years 7 and 8
Stage 5 – Years 9 and 10
Stage 6 – Years 11 and 12

Stage 4 is designed as an introduction to the study of English. It introduces the study of poetry, film, novels and drama. The course aims to arm students with the basics of textual analysis and foster a passion for the subject. Whilst much of this may sound a little dry, the beauty of Stage 4 is that it provides room for a variety of fun activities and approaches to these topics. Kelso High Campus is unique in offering students a multimedia rich learning experience and our programs include such diverse topics as fractured fairy tales, filmmaking, creative writing and advertising.

Stage 5 seeks to extend students’ understanding of the topics and skills introduced in their junior years. The Kelso High Campus English department recognises the importance of preparing students for the rigours of Senior English. As such, a focus on essay writing and metalanguage of the subject is introduced early to avoid the shock and stress of arriving in Year 11 unprepared. There is of course room for fun as well! The introduction of Area of Study style units seeks to engage students with topics such as ‘Leaving Home’ and ‘Challenge and Adversity.’ The study of these topics include a variety of text types and aims to challenge students to think outside of their comfort zones. A sometimes scary experience, but one which helps students to question who they are, and why they are that way. We also undergo a study of the directorial styles of various filmmakers and dive head first into the violence, humour and excitement (yes it’s possible) of Shakespeare.

Stage 6 is where things get very serious indeed. The Preliminary course (Year 11) is essentially a trial run for the HSC course. Students will undergo intensive essay writing instruction, a comparative study of two related texts and a practice Area of Study module which mirrors the exact examination they will face the following year. In the students’ final year, they will be preparing to sit the two, two hour English papers. This will require them to hone their creative writing abilities, develop their comprehension skills and prepare for the four essays they will be required to complete. Yes, Year 12 is intense, but it is also an opportunity for students to challenge themselves and further question their identity and beliefs. For students who may find the above a little intimidating, we also offer the English Studies course. While this course does not enable students to earn an ATAR, it does provide them an opportunity to develop essential life skills such as resume writing.

In addition to classroom learning, students also have the opportunity to participate in debating, musicals, a variety of English competitions and public speaking. Our specialist staff will help coach students, fostering their interests and developing their skills.

Above all, we aim to make English exciting, fun and relevant for all students!

Scope and Sequences

Year 7 English

Year 8 English

Year 9 English

Year 10 English

Stage 6 – Preliminary and HSC