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Student Attendance

Rolls are marked each morning during roll call.  Class rolls are also marked each lesson by the class teachers.  Attendance is monitored by an Attendance Team and Home School Liaison Officer.

Leaving the school

Permission to leave school during the day (for appointments such as doctor, dentist, etc.) can be granted by bringing a note from a parent/caregiver to the front office, before 9:00 am on the day required.  A pass will be issued to students to allow them to leave school at the requested time. Students without a note from parents will not be granted leave. Please do not make appointments for doctors, dentists, etc. during school time (including sport time) unless it is absolutely unavoidable.

Absences from School

If a student is absent from school it is a requirement that the absence is explained within seven days. If it is known that the student will be absent for three or more days it would be appreciated that the school is notified of this before they return. If the student is to have an extended absence, such as family holiday or sporting commitment, they need to apply for leave prior to departing.

Methods for Explaining Absences.

Use any of the following methods:

  1. Access the Parent Portal to view your child’s attendance and respond by providing an explanation. If you require your access code please contact the school.
  2. Complete a Absence Note and have the student return it to their roll call teacher.
  3. Ring the school office – (02) 63314544
  4. Respond to the Schools SMS Text Notification

Absence Note to Print and Send in to the School