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Who Do I Talk To?

 If you need assistance with any of the following


Email, with “Attention Mr/Mrs/Ms ________”, including the name of the relevant person.


Ring 6331 4544 and ask for the relevant person.

Aboriginal Education

Girri Girri, Norta Norta                 Ms Casey Mackay

Aboriginal Education Officer       Mr R Cochrane


Any concerns around overall attendance, and partial absences.

Deputy Principal – Narelle Small – Junior

Stephanie Scott – Senior

Anthony Johnston – Wellbeing

Head Teacher Administration –  Ms Sandra Howarth

Bullying Concerns

Information around ongoing programs, and help with problems.

Head Teacher Welfare               Mrs K Logan

Year Advisers                              Simply state the year your child is in and you will be referred

Canteen                                   Contact through the school number – 02 6331 4544

Year 7 Camp 2017

2017 Year Adviser                       Miss Ashleigh Hardes

Careers Advice

Work Experience, Early Entry, School Within A School.

Mrs Jenny Forster

Class Changes

These are possible, however a formal meeting with:

Deputy Principal – Mrs Stephanie Scott  and affected Head Teachers is needed


Pattern of study, electives, information about subjects.

Overall 7 – 12 curriculum

Faculty Head Teachers and College Head Teachers

Ms A Townend and Mrs W Murphy

College Principal     Campus Principal                       Deputy Principals


                                                                    Craig Petersen            Mick Sloan                Greg Hurford        Stephanie Brown

Faculty Head Teachers

                                                                   Robert Bartulovich     Keshav Pillai        Jennifer Wickham           Selina Ash
Row 2                                                                               English                Mathematics                Science                        CAPA

                                                                    Ric Bolus           Shane Fitzpatrick      Sharon Mendes        Anthony JohnstonLine3                                                                                 PD/H/PE                       TAS                            HSIE                         Support

                                                                          College Head Teachers                Special Responsibilities Head Teachers

                                                                     Anna Townend         Wendy Murphy             Kim Baker      

                                                                            Junior                        Senior                      Welfare                (rlg) – Admin


The school counsellor works with students and their families to make school a happy experience.   Mrs B Johnston is on site 4 days each week.


These can be paid at the front office.

Learning Support Team

This team oversees the learning and welfare of students, creating strategies and plans, and allocating funding.

Head Teacher Support                      Ms Liz Golsby


By appointment with:                         The Principal, Mr M Sloan

Deputy Principals:

Extra Curricular Activities

Dance, Drama, Music                      Ms S Ash

Sporting teams and events             Mr R Bolus

S.E.S Cadets                                      Mr Paul Purser

Debating                                            Miss Adria Hertel

Year Excursions                                Ask for your Year Adviser

Cirkus Surreal                                   Ms Sephanie Brown

Enrichment/Gifted and Talented/Virtual Selective School

Head Teacher Junior Studies – Ms A Townend

Librarian – Mrs J Christie-Johnston

Leadership Team

Coordinator of Year 12 leaders           Mrs Melissa McFarland

Parent-Teacher Evenings

Bookings are made online                   Enquiries to Ms A Townend

School Reports

These are mailed home.  Several key staff are involved

Head Teacher Administration – Ms Sandra Howarth

Senior Studies

Seminars, patterns of study, elective choices:

Deputy Principal – Mrs Stephanie Scott

Special Education/Support

Funding, programs, placements, ongoing issues

Head Teacher Support – Ms Liz Golsby


Student Representative Council across Years 7 – 11

Miss Coreena Martin

Mrs Stacey Jones

Student Assistance

Help with uniforms, fees, excursions, equipment

Front office staff

Head Teacher Welfare – Mrs Karah Logan

Subject Information

For background information on various subjects, name the subject, and ask for the relevant Head Teacher.


For assistance with devices and networks, passwords and access

Computer Technician – Mr David Neubeck

Rewards and Recognition

Merit Scheme, merit assemblies

HT Welfare – Mrs Karah Logan


Explanation, issues with compliance

HT Welfare – Mrs Karah Logan

Welfare and Discipline / Suspension Return

It is expected that a parent attends suspension return meetings.

Principal – Mr M Sloan

Deputy Principal – Ms Narelle Small – Junior

Deputy Principal – Mrs Stephanie Scott – Senior

Deputy Principal – Mr Anthony Johnston

Year Advisers

                                                                    Jen Forster          Meg Stanbridge      Richard McFarlane        Billy Taylor

Line 5                                                                                Year 7                      Year 8                          Year 9                        Year 10

                                                                                                           Karah Logan               Hans Stroeve

Line 6

                                                                                                                    Year 11                        Year 12

Lost Property

Enquiries to the front office or Mrs E Williams

Other Staff to know:

                                                                                                           Rex Cochrane         Bronwyn Johnstonlast           

                                                                                                            Aboriginal            School Counsellor

Education Officer