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Industrial Technology Engineering

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Stage 5 – Industrial Technology – Engineering

Aims of the Course: 

To introduce students to the world of engineering materials and engineering principles and processes.

Content of the Course: 

Students will be introduced to a wide variety of materials used in engineering, and investigate their application through the research and construction of a variety of practical projects.  Materials considered include metals and alloys, polymers, ceramics and concretes, and composite materials. Through studying engineering principles students will undertake experimentation and research into the effects of forces on structures, the principles of simple machines such as gears, levers, and cams.  Later topics will include robotics, hydraulics and control systems, together with means of harnessing energy from various sources including wind and solar.

This is a highly practical subject with most of the content being delivered through project work. Exposure to computer applications and CAD drafting software is guaranteed.  Students displaying organization and self-discipline will have the opportunity to pursue areas of personal interest.

This subject will provide a very solid background to students interested in studying Engineering Studies in the HSC and pursuing an engineering based career.

Subject Materials’ Contribution:

$35 to cover the cost of materials. More elaborate individual projects may require additional purchases (eg electric motors, pneumatics).

Special Requirements:

Students must accept the need for safe and disciplined behavior and be prepared to accept all workshop safety rules. The provision and wearing of Personal Protective Equipment is compulsory.

Note that students can only study a maximum of two Industrial Technology courses.

Head Teacher:          S Fitzpatrick