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Graphics Technology

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Stage 5 – Graphics Technology (including Graphics and C.A.D)

Aims of the Course:

To introduce students to the world of graphical communication. Graphics was the original “language” of the world and now plays an even more vital role in the global communication of ideas, information and technology.

Content of the Course:

Students will learn the basic skills and techniques associated with a range of drawing styles, including engineering drawing, architectural drawing, color graphics and rendering, pictorial drawing (perspective, isometric) and solid geometry.

‘COMPUTER Assisted Design’ (C.A.D.) which is used in most professional areas, will be used, utilizing the schools ‘IBM’ computers and ‘Auto CAD’ and Pro desktop software.

This course is ideal for those students who may wish to enter the engineering or design professions, the trades (drawing is essential in all trades), or for those who want to understand the language of technology.  Students should consider combining Graphics Technology with one of the other technology subjects.

Subject Material Contribution:

$5 to meet the costs of materials used and consumed by each student. This will cover paper, colored pencils and crayons.

Special Requirements:

Students will need a folder and drawing instruments including compass, squares, pencils, eraser. This will cost approximately $35 and will remain the property of the student. These can be purchased from the school at the beginning of the year.

Head Teacher:     S Fitzpatrick