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Food Technology

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Stage 5 – Food Technology

Aims of the Course:

To challenge all students through the study of food and food technologies in an enjoyable and relevant way. Students who undertake this course will gain a valuable insight into the role of food in the lives of all Australians.

Content of the Course:

Students will be completing at least 4 units over a 2 year period.  In Year 9 – Food Selection and Health, Food in Australia and in Year 10 – Food for Special Needs, and Foods for Special Occasions. Practical activities are included in each unit of work.

Subject Material Contribution:

$88 for each year to meet the costs of materials used and food consumed by each student. This is $22 per term and needs to be paid by students to be involved in practical lessons.

Special Requirements:

  • Shoes which fully cover the foot and are part of the school uniform.
  • Containers to take food home or 60 cents to purchase a container.

Head Teacher:       S Fitzpatrick


Stage 6 – Food Technology

2 Units in each of Preliminary and HSC

Board Developed Course – Category A

Major Project: No

Fees: $50

Some extra costs may be incurred for practical aspects and projects within this course

What will I be doing in this course?

Students will develop knowledge and understanding about the production, processing and consumption of food, the nature of food and human nutrition and an appreciation of the importance of food to health and its impact on society.

Skills will be developed in researching, analysing and communicating food issues, food preparation and the design, implementation and evaluation of solutions to food situations.

It is mandatory that students undertake practical activities in this course.

The Preliminary course covers:

  • Food Availability and Selection
  • Food Quality
  • Nutrition

The HSC course covers:

  • The Australian Food Industry
  • Food Manufacture
  • Food Product Development
  • Contemporary Food Issues in Nutrition
  • HSC Examination: 3 hour written examination

A fee applies to cover the cost of ingredients of experimentation.

Students will also be required to supply their own ingredients for some practical activities during each year.

How will this course help me in the future?

This course will provide you with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to contribute positively to your own pathways to employment or further education at TAFE NSW or university.

The study of Food Technology will give you credit transfer in some certificate and diploma courses at TAFE NSW and other registered training authorities. Career options might include dietetics, food technology, teaching, nutrition and nursing.