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Recommend Year 10 Science Grade A, B.

Chemistry is the study of all the materials around us and how we use them. It focuses on investigating the physical and chemical properties of substances, chemical reactions and processes and the interaction of energy and matter and attempts to explain and predict events at the atomic and molecular level.

Main Topics Covered

Preliminary CourseHSC Course 
Core TopicsOne option from the following
The Chemical EarthProduction of MaterialsIndustrial Chemistry
MetalsThe Acidic EnvironmentShipwrecks Corrosion and Conservation
WaterChemical Monitoring and ManagementThe Biochemistry of Movement
EnergyThe Chemistry of Art
Forensic Chemistry

How this course will help me in the future?

A general interest in the area of food production and the reactions in the world around us. This course helps in making informed decisions about environmental issues involving chemistry.

Chemistry is a required course in many university science paths. It leads to careers in biochemistry, chemical engineering, medicine and related fields, pharmacy, metallurgy and many other industries.