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Recommend Year 10 Science Grade A, B, C.

The Biology course provides students with a contemporary and coherent understanding of the concepts explaining the functioning, origins and evolution of life, and explores the levels of organisation of life from molecular to cellular and higher levels of organisation structure and function

The Biology course is designed for students:

  • who can work individually and with others in practical, field and interactive activities related to the theoretical concepts.
  • who can apply investigative and problem solving skills, effectively communicate biological information and understand and appreciate the contribution that a study of Biology makes to their understanding of the world.

Main Topics Covered

Preliminary CourseHSC Course 
Core TopicsOne from the following
A Local EcosystemMaintaining a BalanceCommunication
Patterns in NatureBlueprint of LifeBiotechnology
Life on EarthThe Search for Better HealthGenetics: The Code Broken?
Evolution of Australian BiotaThe Human Story

How this course will help me in the future?

A general interest in the area of biology. Any career path that involves plants and animals, from zookeeper to vet nurse or animal research and in the health science area such as medical science and speech pathology.

Biology is a prerequisite for many science courses at university. It opens areas in many science related fields such as vet science, human anatomy and physiology, physiotherapy, ecological and environmental studies, scientific research and laboratory work.