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Year 8 (Stage 4)

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Year 8 Japanese

In year 8 Japanese we learn about the country of Japan, its people and its language. We use parts of the Hai 1 textbook and view a variety of Japanese movies throughout the year to learn about the Japanese way of life. Students also enjoy art and craft activities (such as brush calligraphy, lucky charm or New Year decoration making), food preparation (such as sushi and green tea ice cream) and other cultural activities. There may be the opportunity to visit Cowra and learn about the historical Japanese Breakout. Students may also have the chance to meet Japanese students as part of our Japanese visits programme. Every year, around the anniversary of the Tohoku disaster, we sent origami and letters of friendship and encouragement to our friends from Okuma (Bathurst’s sister city).

Language skills focussed on in year 8 are reading, writing, listening and speaking. Students learn how to read and write all hiragana script, and their names in katakana script. They also learn to read and recognise a number of kanji, such as numbers and days of the week (or the elements).

Assessment consists of a half yearly and a yearly examination through which students are given an A B C D E grade for the Japanese skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking and culture.

Topics studied in year 8 Japanese include: greetings, classroom expressions, numbers, self-introductions, likes and Japanese culture.

Many students enjoy the challenge of year 8 Japanese and choose to continue their studies of the language into year 9.

Scope and Sequence

Year 8 Japanese Scope and Sequence

Year 8, 9, and 10 Japanese are part of the NSW Japanese K-10 syllabus.

Details of this syllabus are located here: