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Year 8 German

This is a taster course that lasts only for the year, three periods a week.

In year 8 German we learn about the country of Germany, its people, its language, culture, geography and history. We also explore its many neighbours, particularly Austria.  Germany is just so close to so many other wonderful European places.

Syllabus requirements dictate that we undertake study in five ‘key competencies’ – all of which are of equal importance:  Reading, writing, listening, speaking and culture. It is usual that several of these areas of study are addressed in each period.

Assessments are both formal and informal. Frequent class quizzes in the key competencies, two major Culture Assignments, one in each semester. Students are given an A B C D E grade for each of the five areas.

Scope and Sequence

Year 8 German Scope & Sequence and Assessment