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This Key Learning Area includes the study of History, Geography and Commerce in Stages 4 and 5 and Business Studies, Legal Studies, Economics, Geography, Society and Culture, Ancient and Modern History, History Extension, Retail Services (VET) and Work Studies in Stage 6. It is mandatory to study History and Geography in Stages 4 and 5.

Geography provides students with vital information about the world they live in. It is the study of places – their environments, populations, economies and communities – and how and why these places are changing. It gives students a holistic view of the world. Students gain understanding, knowledge and skills to make sense of issues such as climatic change, resource depletion, urban growth, population pressures, globalisation, natural disasters and environmental challenges.

The study of History allows students to appreciate and enjoy the human endeavours and achievements of the past, both for their own intrinsic interest and for their legacy to later generations. History provides opportunities for students to explore human life and actions in a range of historical contexts, and develop understanding of human motives, consequences and empathy towards others’ experiences.

The study of History and Geography equips students with the knowledge and skills essential for their future roles as active, informed citizens and advocates for a fair and just society, and to enable students to become engaged in lifelong learning. Students who study Commerce will develop knowledge, skills and understandings related to consumer, financial, business, legal and employment issues so that they are able to make informed and responsible decisions.

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