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Preliminary and HSC

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This course provides opportunities for students to build on their understanding of Visual Arts through deeper and sustained investigations of practice, the Conceptual Framework and the Frames. Students learn about:

• how they may ‘own’ practice in artmaking, art criticism, and art history

• how they may interpret the nuances and interconnected relationships between the artist, artwork, world and audience

• how they may develop their own informed points of view in increasingly independent ways

• how they may develop rich, multi-layered meanings and interest in their own artworks

The HSC Visual Arts program involves:

• the content of practice, conceptual framework, frames

• the development of a body of work

• use of a process diary

• a range of case studies in art criticism and art history

School-based assessment consists of the development of the body of work (50%) and art criticism and art history (50%). Students’ final assessment consists of an external examination in art criticism and art history (50%) and submission of their body of work (50%).