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Preliminary and HSC (Stage 6)

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Students have the opportunity to select Drama as a subject for their HSC in Year 11. Stage 6 Drama builds upon the knowledge, skills and insight learnt in the Stage 5 Drama elective. Students extend their skills of interpretation, communication, performance and critical analysis and become aware of the technical processes and technologies that can be used to manipulate performances. By developing their skills in critical analysis students develop a deeper understanding of the cultural traditions and social contexts that influence meaning interpreted from texts.

The Preliminary course comprises of the following units of study:

  • Improvisation, Playbuilding and Acting
  • Elements of Production in Performance
  • Theatrical Traditions and Performance Styles

Students learn how to use their voice and body, as well as their mind and imagination, to transform themselves as actors into a fictitious character. Students learn how to use dramatic elements, analysis of motivations, reactions and relationships, and the ability to sustain a character in performance situations.

In the HSC course students take ownership of their skills and abilities throughout the process of completing the following units:

  • An Individual Project
  • A Group Project
  • Studies in Drama and Theatre
  • Australian Drama and Theatre.

In the IP students learn how to develop concepts as they use skills appropriate to the medium in which they are working, whether it is based on critical reviews of performances, dramaturgy, direction, design, performance, scriptwriting or drama on video. In the Group Project each student extends his or her skills of collaboration to devise and perform in a piece of original theatre.

In Studies in Drama and Theatre and Australian Drama and Theatre students learn through theoretical study about the themes and issues and the contextual influences that affect interpretation of texts and performances. Students learn about dramatic and theatrical structures, forms, styles and conventions and gain practical experience of them through workshops culminating in presentations and performances of particular plays.