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Preliminary and HSC (Stage 6)

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In 2015 Preliminary Dance will be held at the Bathurst High Campus of Denison College.

Dance has been an integral component of every known culture, providing a means of expression and an extension of work and lifestyle patterns. It has accompanied the evolution of humanity as an integral part of the history of human movement, culture and communication. Dance provides a way of knowing oneself, other people and the world.

The study of dance as an artform in education is based on the study of three interrelated components; Performance, Composition and Appreciation.

Through the study of dance as an artform, students learn the knowledge, understanding and skills in physically preparing the body to dance (dance technique) and safe dance practices.  They develop skills in dance composition including: knowledge, understanding and skills which underpin the principles, processes and practices in dance composition. The students are encouraged to create and develop a personal response that communicates an intent.  They learn about and through appreciation of dance as works of art including the study of artists and works for their contribution of dance.

Stage 6 Dance students have the opportunity develop their skills in various facets of dance and participate in multiple performance opportunities including; Western Region Dance Festival, Western Region Dance Camp, Eisteddfods, Community performances, school spectacular and annual Kelso High Campus CAPA concerts.

Kelso High dancers also has the opportunity to attend many dance excursions including; Western Region Dance Camp,  Callback, Musical theatre shows in Sydney,  Live performances at Bathurst Memorial Entertainment centre and workshops working internationally recognised artists and dance companies including Sydney Dance Company and Bangarra Dance Theatre.

Scope and Sequence

HSC Scope and Sequence 2015